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1st Official Day of 2023 Baseball Season


2023 Opening Day!!!



Baseball Tryouts for the 2023 Baseball Season 


  • Try outs will be held Friday Jan. 20 @ 6:00pm and Saturday Jan. 21 @ 10:00 AM & 3:00 PM at the SCHS Baseball Field
  • Students trying out MUST attend ALL 3 Sessions
  • MUST submit the Try Out Form by Thu 1/19 6pm - - MUST be logged into your Humble ISD account
  • Students trying out MUST have all Rank One electronic paperwork submitted online (visit the About US>Sports Medicine tab above for info)
  • Students trying out MUST have a current physical on file with the SCHS Athletic Trainers Staff  (visit the About US>Sports Medicine tab above for info). Use this link to contact the Athletic Trainers Staff to arrange times for physical drop off: 
  • Wear athletic attire and bring your own baseball equipment IF you have it, if you do not have any some will be provided for you. 
  • Students must have passed all classes on previous Nine Week report card (N2)
  • These tryouts are for current Summer Creek HS students grade 9th-12th
  • If a student is selected for the baseball team, he will receive a schedule change into the baseball class UNLESS he is currently playing another sport OR he is playing football. If he is playing football he will remain in the football off-season class and meet for after school baseball practices.


  • All players that are currently playing another sport and are a NON -VARSITY players for that sport MUST attend the try outs on 1/20 and 1/21 in order to be considered for the baseball team
  • NON-VARSITY BASKETBALL PLAYERS If you are not on the varsity basketball team you will need to attend the tryout  sessions.   Varsity basketball players that wish to play baseball will have a separate tryout after basketball season.  Contact Coach Wilson at to make arrangements.

2022 Fall Semester Baseball Class Info

Please read the info in the FALL BASEBALL CLASS tab concerning important information needed in order to participate in the Fall Semester Baseball Class (5th and 7th period). Tryouts to remain in the class period will begin on THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL.

Incoming 9th Grade - 2022 Summer Team - TRYOUTS

RAIN or SHINE!!! Try Outs for the SC Incoming 9th Grade Summer Team will be held on Tuesday, May 24th at 7pm @ the Summer Creek HS Baseball Field.

Visits the SUMMER TEAM tab for all of the IMPORTANT DETAILS!!

2022 Parent Meeting

REMINDER - BASEBALL PARENT MEETING - Monday 1/24/22 at 7pm in the SCHS Cafeteria. Important info will be discussed so please be in attendance. Check the INFO tab for more information. #BLEED #PunchTheClock


2022 Baseball Try Outs

Baseball Tryouts are on Fri 1/21 AND Sat 1/22 at the SCHS baseball field. 

  • MUST attend all 3 try out sessions
  • Fri 1/21 at 6pm, Sat 1/22 10am and Sat 1/22 3pm
  • MUST submit this form by Thu 1/20 6:00pm (MUST be logged into your Humble ISD account to complete and submit the form)
  • MUST submit all Rank One online paperwork
  • MUST be cleared with a submitted physical to the SCHS Athletic Training Staff

Wear athletic attire so that you can fully participate in the try out sessions.  Please bring your own personal baseball equipment, if you have any, to use (not required).

More info can be found on the TRY OUT TAB on this website

Fall 2021 Baseball Class Period Info

CLASS ACTIVITY - If you are enrolled in 5th period or 7th period baseball you will meet for activity daily during your respective class period at the baseball field.

DRESS OUT  - We will dress out in the secured and private areas at the baseball field and/or in the outdoor bathrooms if preferred. This is a designated area to change that is not visible to others outside of the baseball field.

BASEBALL EQUIPMENT DROP OFF - Baseball equipment can be dropped of in one of the baseball locker rooms (#1519) each morning between 7:00am and 7:10am.  This will remove the need for players to carry their equipment around during the school day.  Players will go directly to the locker room at the start of 5th or 7th period to pick up their equipment and head directly out to the baseball field to get dressed and ready for activity.

CLEARED FOR ACTIVITY - Players must be cleared through Rank One (electronic paperwork) and have a current physical submitted to our Athletic Training staff in order to be cleared to participate in ANY activity. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy. You are either fully cleared or you are not.

CLASS PERIOD TRYOUTS - We will have tryouts to remain in the baseball class period during the 1st week of class (8/10-8/13).  Those not selected to remain in the class period will have their schedule changed with their counselor and moved into another class subject. Removal from the course does not indicate "not making the baseball team".  Season try outs are in January.  Selection to remain in the baseball period does not indicate "making the team" for the 2022 season, either.  Team rosters will be determined in January after official try outs.


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